Title 39
Public Utilities and Carriers

Chapter 1
Public Utilities Commission

R.I. Gen. Laws 39-1-3

 39-1-3.  Commission and division established — Functions of commission — Administrator.

(a) To implement the legislative policy set forth in 39-1-1 and to serve as the agencies of the state in effectuating the legislative purpose, there are hereby established a public utilities commission and a division of public utilities and carriers. The commission shall serve as a quasi-judicial tribunal with jurisdiction, powers, and duties to implement and enforce the standards of conduct under 39-1-27.6 and to hold investigations and hearings involving the rates, tariffs, tolls, and charges, and the sufficiency and reasonableness of facilities and accommodations of railroad, gas, electric distribution, water, telephone, telegraph, and pipeline public utilities; the location of railroad depots and stations, and the control of grade crossings; the revocation, suspension, or alteration of certificates issued pursuant to 39-19-4; appeals under 39-1-30; petitions under 39-1-31; and proceedings under 39-1-32.

(b) The administrator shall be a person who is not a commissioner and who shall exercise the jurisdiction, supervision, powers, and duties not specifically assigned to the commission, including the execution of all laws relating to public utilities and carriers and all regulations and orders of the commission governing the conduct and charges of public utilities and who shall perform other duties and have powers as are hereinafter set forth. The administrator shall be a person who is appointed by the governor for an initial term of six (6) years. The administrator shall be appointed with the advice and consent of the senate. The director of administration, with the approval of the governor, shall allocate the administrator to one of the grades established by the pay plan for unclassified employees. The public utilities administrator also shall have powers and duties as provided in 46-15.3-20.

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