Title 46
Waters and Navigation

Chapter 12.7
Oil Spill Prevention, Administration and Response Fund

R.I. Gen. Laws § 46-12.7-3.1

§ 46-12.7-3.1. Financing of the fund.

The fund shall consist of the following sources:

(1) Sums the legislature may appropriate;

(2) Moneys received from federal, state, or other sources for the purpose of response, containment, abatement, rehabilitation, and monitoring costs from an oil spill in marine or estuarine waters;

(3) Moneys received from any private donor for the oil spill prevention, administration, and response fund;

(4) Costs recovered or otherwise received from parties responsible for the containment and cleanup of oil at a specific site, but excluding funds from performance bonds and other forms of financial responsibility held in escrow pending satisfactory performance of a privately funded response action;

(5) Fines, penalties, or damages recovered under any sections of this chapter, chapter 12.5 of this title, or other law as a result of the release or threatened release of oil;

(6) The fee required pursuant to § 46-12.7-4.1; and

(7) Any interest earned on the moneys in the fund.

History of Section.
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