Title 46
Waters and Navigation

Chapter 12.7
Oil Spill Prevention, Administration and Response Fund

R.I. Gen. Laws § 46-12.7-5.1

§ 46-12.7-5.1. Purposes of the fund.

The director may use money from the fund to:

(1) Provide funds to cover promptly the costs of response, containment, and cleanup of oil spills into marine or estuarine waters, including, but not limited to, damage assessment costs, and wildlife rehabilitation as defined in this section.

(2) Provide funds to cover the costs of site evaluation activities. These activities shall include, but not be limited to, site mapping, installation of wells, collection, monitoring, and analysis of samples of air, soil, and/or water, and evaluation of the impacts of contamination on maritime and terrestrial shore line environments, production of the reports, and installation and the maintenance of necessary technology, and equipment for complete remedial action;

(3) Provide emergency loans and to cover response and cleanup costs and other damages suffered by the state or other persons or entities from oil spills or threatened oil spills;

(4) To pay for claims for damages, which cannot otherwise be compensated by responsible parties or the federal government, pursuant to § 46-12.7-8.1;

(5) Provide emergency loans to affected workers ineligible for unemployment insurance;

(6) Pay for structural improvements to vulnerable coastal features, including the Providence River Shipping Canal, in order to reduce the risk of oil tanker collisions, grounding, and spills;

(7) Pay for the restoration of natural resources damaged by an oil spill, where necessary and appropriate;

(8) Pay for response training and equipment;

(9) Pay for large-scale personnel drills and exercises;

(10) Pay for research, development, and monitoring activities as outlined in § 46-12.7-13; and

(11) Pay for the expenditures related to the Rhode Island coastal and estuarine habitat restoration trust fund pursuant to chapter 23.1 of this title, subject to appropriation.

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