Title 46
Waters and Navigation

Chapter 20
Ditches and Drains

R.I. Gen. Laws § 46-20-1

§ 46-20-1. Petition to drain across lands of another.

Whenever the owner or owners of any lands in this state may wish to drain the lands, and cannot agree with the proprietor or proprietors of the adjacent land or lands to be affected, as to the mode of draining the land or lands and the damages consequent thereon, the owner or owners may prefer a petition to the town council of the town in which the lands are situated, for power to drain the land or lands across the lands of other proprietors. The petition shall set forth the course of the proposed ditch or drain, and the names of the proprietors whose lands are to be affected thereby, and the petitioner shall file a bond in such sum as the town council shall direct, conditioned to pay all costs of the proceedings in case it shall be determined inexpedient to construct the ditch or drain.

History of Section.
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