Title 46
Waters and Navigation

Index of Chapters

Chapter 46-1 Duties of Department of Environmental Management

Chapter 46-1.1 Consistency of Interpretation

Chapter 46-2 Federal Navigation and Flood Control Projects

Chapter 46-3 Shore Development

Chapter 46-4 Harbors and Harbor Lines

Chapter 46-5 Construction of Port Facilities

Chapter 46-5.1 Commission on the Port of Galilee [Repealed.]

Chapter 46-6 Obstructions to Navigation

Chapter 46-6.1 Maintenance of Marine Waterways and Boating Facilities

Chapter 46-7 Stakes and Buoys

Chapter 46-8 Registration of Outboard Motors

Chapter 46-9 Pilots — Rhode Island Sound, Narragansett Bay, Sakonnet River, and Tributaries

Chapter 46-9.1 Pilots — Block Island Sound

Chapter 46-10 Shipwrecks

Chapter 46-11 Seaweed

Chapter 46-12 Water Pollution

Chapter 46-12.1 Underground Storage Tanks

Chapter 46-12.2 Rhode Island Infrastructure Bank

Chapter 46-12.3 The Environmental Injury Compensation Act

Chapter 46-12.4 Contaminants from Seagoing Vessels Act

Chapter 46-12.5 Oil Spill Pollution Prevention and Control Act [Repealed.]

Chapter 46-12.5.1 Oil Pollution Control

Chapter 46-12.6 Tank Vessel Safety Act [Repealed.]

Chapter 46-12.7 Oil Spill Prevention, Administration and Response Fund

Chapter 46-12.8 Water Projects Revolving Loan Fund

Chapter 46-12.9 Rhode Island Underground Storage Tank Financial Responsibility Act

Chapter 46-12.10 Commission to Study Feasibility and Funding of Homeowners Assistance Fund for Septic Systems

Chapter 46-12.11 Uniform Septage Disposal Fee

Chapter 46-13 Public Drinking Water Supply

Chapter 46-13.1 Groundwater Protection

Chapter 46-13.2 Drilling of Drinking Water Wells

Chapter 46-14 Contamination of Drinking Water

Chapter 46-15 Water Resources Management

Chapter 46-15.1 Water Supply Facilities

Chapter 46-15.2 Water Facilities Assistance Program

Chapter 46-15.3 Public Drinking Water Supply System Protection

Chapter 46-15.4 Water Supply Management [Repealed.]

Chapter 46-15.5 Bristol County Water Supply

Chapter 46-15.6 Clean Water Infrastructure

Chapter 46-15.7 Management of the Withdrawal and Use of the Waters of the State

Chapter 46-15.8 Water Use and Efficiency Act

Chapter 46-16 New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission

Chapter 46-17 Interstate Compacts for Protection of Resources

Chapter 46-17.1 Conservation of Marine Resources

Chapter 46-17.2 Antifoulant Paint Control

Chapter 46-17.3 Ballast Water

Chapter 46-18 Damages from Milldams

Chapter 46-19 Inspection of Dams and Reservoirs

Chapter 46-19.1  Dam Permits

Chapter 46-20 Ditches and Drains

Chapter 46-21 Blackstone Valley Sewer District [Repealed.]

Chapter 46-22 Regulation of Boats

Chapter 46-22.1 Uniform Boat Title Act

Chapter 46-22.2 Alcohol Boating Safety Act

Chapter 46-23 Coastal Resources Management Council

Chapter 46-23.1 The Coastal and Estuary Habitat Restoration Program and Trust Fund

Chapter 46-23.2 The Comprehensive Watershed and Marine Monitoring Act of 2004

Chapter 46-23.3  The Ocean State Climate Adaptation and Resilience FundHistory of Section.

Chapter 46-24 Pawtuxet River Authority

Chapter 46-25 Narragansett Bay Commission

Chapter 46-25.1 Merger of Blackstone Valley District Commission and Narragansett Bay Water Quality Management District Commission

Chapter 46-25.2 Acquisition, Merger, and Consolidation of Sewer Treatment Facilities of Cities, Towns, and Districts and the Narragansett Bay Water Quality Management District Commission

Chapter 46-26 Improvements to Ten Mile River

Chapter 46-27 Personal Watercraft Safety Act

Chapter 46-28 The Rhode Island Rivers Council

Chapter 46-29 Phosphate Reduction

Chapter 46-30 Public Water Supply Systems

Chapter 46-31 The Rhode Island Bays, Rivers, and Watersheds Coordination Team

Chapter 46-31.1 The Rhode Island Bays, Rivers and Watersheds Fund

Chapter 46-32  PFAS in Drinking Water, Groundwater, and Surface Waters