Title 5
Businesses and Professions

Chapter 1

R.I. Gen. Laws § 5-1-2

§ 5-1-2. Definitions.

The following definitions apply in the interpretation of the provisions of this chapter, unless the context requires another meaning:

(1) “Architect” means any person who engages in the practice of architecture, as that term is defined in this section, as attested by his or her licensing as an architect in this state.

(2) “Board” means the board of examination and registration of architects established by this chapter.

(3) “Certificate” means the certificate of registration issued annually by the board, indicating that the individual named in the certificate is an architect.

(4) “Certificate of authorization” means the certificate of authorization issued by the board, indicating the sole proprietor, partnership, limited-liability partnership, corporation, or limited-liability company named in the certificate is permitted to practice architecture in the state.

(5) “Department” means the department of business regulation.

(6) “Director” means the director of the department of business regulation or his or her designee.

(7) “Practice of architecture” means rendering or offering to render those services, described as follows:

(i) Rendering or offering to render services in connection with the design and construction, enlargement, or alteration of a building or group of buildings and the space within and surrounding the buildings that have as their principal purpose human occupancy or habitation;

(ii) The services referred to in this section include, but are not limited to, planning, providing preliminary studies, designs, drawings, specifications, and other technical submissions, the administration of construction contracts, and the coordination of any elements of technical submissions prepared by others including, as appropriate and without limitation, consulting engineers and landscape architects;

(iii) The practice of architecture does not include the practice of engineering as defined in § 5-8-2(h)(1), but a registered architect may perform any engineering work that is incidental to the practice of architecture.

(8) “Responsible control” means that amount of control over and detailed knowledge of the content of technical submissions during their preparations as is ordinarily exercised by registered architects applying the required professional standard of care. Reviewing, or reviewing and correcting, technical submissions after they have been prepared by others does not constitute the exercise of responsible control because the reviewer has neither control over nor detailed professional knowledge of the content of such submissions throughout their preparation.

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