Title 7
Corporations, Associations, and Partnerships

Chapter 1.2
Rhode Island Business Corporation Act

Part 11

R.I. Gen. Laws § 7-1.2-1101

§ 7-1.2-1101. Sale of assets in regular course of business and mortgage or pledge of assets.

The sale, lease, exchange, or other disposition of all, or substantially all, the property and assets of a corporation in the usual and regular course of its business, and the mortgage or pledge of any or all property and assets of a corporation, whether or not in the usual and regular course of business, may be made upon terms and conditions and for any consideration, which may consist in whole or in part of money or property, real or personal, including shares of any other corporation, domestic or foreign, as is authorized by its board of directors; and in any case no authorization or consent of the shareholders is required.

History of Section.
P.L. 2004, ch. 216, § 2; P.L. 2004, ch. 274, § 2.