Title 7
Corporations, Associations, and Partnerships

Chapter 1.2
Rhode Island Business Corporation Act

Part 14
Foreign Corporations

R.I. Gen. Laws § 7-1.2-1408

§ 7-1.2-1408. Registered office and registered agent of foreign corporation.

(a) Each foreign corporation authorized to transact business in this state must have and continuously maintain in this state a registered agent, who is either:

(1) An individual resident in this state; or

(2) A corporation, limited partnership, limited liability partnership, limited liability company, and in each case either domestic or one authorized to transact business in this state.

(b) Foreign corporations who are the holders of mortgages on real estate located within this state which do not maintain the loan documentation and records within the state shall authorize the registered agent to accept mortgage discharge payment and to issue a discharge of the mortgages upon the payment.

History of Section.
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