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The Office of Law Revision, under the auspices of the Joint Committee on Legislative Services, is pleased to make available all the changes to the laws of the State of Rhode Island brought about through the efforts of the General Assembly's legislative session.

The 2003 Resolution and Local Acts Lists




Act Number 

Resolution Number

Bill Number

Bill Number





The Acts and Resolves volumes are a compendium of information which contain resolutions passed during the General Assembly session, all acts of a local and private nature, the roll of members and presiding officers of the General Assembly session and executive appointments made by the Governor to various state boards, commissions and committees.

A list of Salient Facts of the General Assembly session, contains the total number of the year's legislative introductions, the total number of enactments which includes public laws, local acts, house and senate resolutions, joint resolutions, the number of bills vetoed by the Governor and those vetoes that were subsequently overridden by the General Assembly. The Acts and Resolves also contain an alphabetical index with multiple cross-referencing information.


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