Title 24

Chapter 8
Construction and Maintenance of State Roads

R.I. Gen. Laws 24-8-4.2

 24-8-4.2.  Use of truck mounted attenuator.

(a) At any and all times during which construction and/or maintenance work is being undertaken on any state highway and/or interstate connector, under the terms of either the highway or bridge contract in which an attenuator truck is required under federal and/or Rhode Island department of transportation guidelines, no attenuator truck shall be left unattended while work is actively being performed. Further, at all times while that work is actively being performed, an attenuator truck shall be deployed on the worksite. A minimum of one attenuator truck shall be equipped with a first-aid kit and two (2) fire extinguishers. The operator of the attenuator truck shall have completed appropriate training and be certified in both first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). A copy of both first aid and CPR certifications shall be kept with the truck driver.

(b) The penalty for failure to comply with this section shall be as set forth in 31-27-22.

History of Section.
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