Title 4
Animals and Animal Husbandry

Chapter 13

R.I. Gen. Laws 4-13-1.2

 4-13-1.2.  Definitions.

(1) "Adequate shelter" means the provision of and access to shelter that is suitable for the species, age, condition, size, and type of each dog; provides sufficient space for the dog to maintain comfortable rest, normal posture, and range of movement; and is safe to protect each dog from injury, rain, sleet, snow, hail, direct sunlight, the adverse effects of heat or cold, physical suffering, and impairment of health. Shelters with wire grid or slat floors that permit the dog's feet to pass through the openings, sag under the dog's weight, or otherwise do not protect the dog's feet from injury, are not considered adequate shelter.

(2) "Board" means the rabies control board.

(3) "Department" means the department of environmental management or its successor.

(4) "Director" means the director of the department of environmental management (or its successor), or his or her designee.

(5) "Division" means the division of agriculture.

(6) "Guardian" means a person(s) having the same rights and responsibilities as an owner or keeper, and the terms may be used interchangeably. A guardian shall also mean a person who possesses, has title to or an interest in, harbors or has control, custody, or possession of an animal and who is responsible for an animal's safety and well-being.

(7) "Livestock" means domesticated animals that are commonly held in moderate contact with humans which include, but are not limited to, cattle, bison, equines, sheep, goats, llamas, and swine.

(8) "Owner or keeper" means any person or agency keeping, harboring, or having charge or control of or responsibility for control of an animal or any person or agency that permits any dog, cat, ferret, or domestic animal to habitually be fed within that person's yard or premises. This term shall not apply to veterinary facilities, any licensed boarding kennel, municipal pound, pet shop, or animal shelter.

(9) "Person" means an individual, firm, joint stock company, partnership, association, private or municipal corporation, trust, estate, state, commission, political subdivision, any interstate body, the federal government or any agency or subdivision of the federal government, other government entity, or other legal entity.

(10) "Pets" means domesticated animals kept in close contact with humans, which include, but may not be limited to, dogs, cats, ferrets, equines, llamas, goats, sheep, and swine.

(11) "Quarantine" means the removal, isolation, the close confinement, or related measures of an animal under conditions and for time periods that are set by regulation of the board.

(12) "Tether" means the practice of fastening a dog to a stationary object or stake by a chain, rope, or other tethering device as a means of keeping the dog under control. A dog being walked on a leash is not tethered.

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