Title 4
Animals and Animal Husbandry

Chapter 19
Animal Care

R.I. Gen. Laws 4-19-8

 4-19-8.  Denial of certificates of registration or licenses.

(a) A certificate of registration may be denied to any pound or animal shelter, rescue, or broker, and a license may be denied to any public auction, kennel, breeder, pet shop, trainer, or dealer or, if granted, the certificate or license may be revoked by the director if, after a hearing, it is determined that the housing facilities and/or primary enclosures are inadequate for the purposes of this chapter or if the feeding, watering, sanitizing, and housing practices at the pound, animal shelter, public auction, pet shop, or kennel are not consistent with the intent of this chapter or with the intent of the rules and regulations that may be promulgated pursuant to the authority of this chapter.

(b) Upon revocation of a certificate of registration, all animals in the possession of the pound, rescue, broker, or animal shelter must be transferred to another licensed releasing agency for disposition.

(c) Upon the revocation of a license, all animals in the possession of the public auction, kennel, pet shop, breeder, trainer, or dealer must be disposed of by the former licensee in a manner approved by the department. Such disposition must not be for profit and must occur in a timeframe that is determined by the department. Inspectors from the department or from the Rhode Island Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals must have access to the facility where the animals being housed by the former licensee are being held until disposition so that the welfare of said animals can be assured.

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