Title 41
Sports, Racing, and Athletics

Chapter 3.1
Dog Racing in Burrillville, Lincoln, and West Greenwich

R.I. Gen. Laws 41-3.1-3

 41-3.1-3.  Regulation of operations.

(a) The division of gaming and athletics licensing is hereby authorized to license dog racing in the towns of Burrillville, Lincoln, and West Greenwich. The operation of a dog track shall be under the division's supervision. The division is hereby authorized to issue rules and regulations for the supervision of the operations, and the regulations are to be issued prior to commencement of licensing hearings.

(b) Any license granted under the provisions of this chapter shall be subject to the rules and regulations promulgated by the division and shall be subject to suspension or revocation for any cause that the division shall deem sufficient after giving the licensee a reasonable opportunity for a hearing at which he or she shall have the right to be represented by counsel. If any license is suspended or revoked, the division shall state the reasons for the suspension or revocation and cause an entry of the reasons to be made on the record books of the division.

(c) The division of gaming and athletics licensing in the department of business regulation shall be prohibited from licensing dog racing and/or the operation of a dog track upon which dog racing occurs in the town of Lincoln. Any license having been issued and in effect as of the effective date of this section shall be null and void and any licensee shall be prohibited from operating thereunder; provided, however, that the following entities shall be deemed pari-mutuel licensees as defined in 42-61.2-1 et seq. and licensees as defined in 41-11-1 et seq.: (1) Any entity having been issued a license to operate a dog track prior to December 31, 2008; and (2) Any entity having been issued a license to operate a dog track prior to December 31, 2008, that after that date is reorganized under a confirmed plan of reorganization pursuant to chapter 11 of title 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code (11 U.S.C. 101 — 1532); and provided, further, that in the case of a reorganized licensee under clause (2), its application for a facility permit license is approved and issued by the department of business regulation in the event of a proposed change in control of the entity. Nothing herein shall limit the ability of the department of business regulation, in connection with a proposed change in control, to investigate and subject to the regulatory due diligence process, any holder of an ownership interest regardless of percentage of ownership held.

History of Section.
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