Title 5
Businesses and Professions

Chapter 20.7
Real Estate Appraiser Certification Act

R.I. Gen. Laws § 5-20.7-3

§ 5-20.7-3. Certification required.

(a) No person, other than persons certified in accordance with the provisions of this chapter, shall assume or use that title or any title, designation, or abbreviation likely to create the impression of certification as a real estate appraiser by this state. A person who is not certified pursuant to this chapter shall not describe or refer to any appraisal or other valuation of real estate located in the state by the term “certified.”

(b) This chapter precludes any person who is not certified as a state-certified real estate appraiser from appraising real property for compensation under chapter 20.5 of this title; provided, however, that this chapter does not preclude any person who holds a license pursuant to chapter 20.5 of this title and, in the ordinary course of business, from giving a written or oral opinion of value of real estate for the purposes of a prospective listing, purchase, sale, or business valuation; provided, however, that such opinion of value shall not be referred to as an appraisal.

(c) Nothing in this chapter shall preclude a trainee directly supervised by a certified appraiser from assisting in or preparing a certified appraisal and signing such appraisal provided the appraisal is approved and signed by a certified appraiser as appropriate.

(d) Any appraisal conducted by an institution licensed in this state to accept deposits in connection with a loan transaction, other than those conducted by:

(1) Federally or NCUA insured banks, savings banks, or credit unions; or

(2) Persons regulated or licensed under title 19 or any transactions, municipal or state, regardless of monetary value, shall require an appraisal by a licensed or certified appraiser.

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