97-H 6081
Approved Jul. 1, 1997


It is enacted by the General Assembly as follows

SECTION 1. Section 31-3-18 of the General Laws in Chapter 31-3 entitled "Registration of Vehicles" is hereby amended to read as follows:

31-3-18. Display of plates -- Penalties. -- (a) Registration plates issued for a motor vehicle other than a motorcycle, trailer, transporter vehicle, in-transit vehicle, or a bailee engaged in a business as defined in section 31-1-17(f) or other than a motor vehicle owned by a duly authorized dealer in motor vehicles and which is used in the dealer's business shall be attached thereto one in the front and the other in the rear. The registration plate issued for a motorcycle, trailer, bailee, or a dealer's motor vehicle as herein defined shall be attached to the rear thereof.

(b) Every registration plate shall at all times be securely fastened in a horizontal position to the vehicle for which it is issued so as to prevent the plate from swinging at a height of not less than twelve inches (12") from the ground, measuring from the bottom of the plate; in a place and position to be clearly visible and shall be maintained free from foreign materials and in a condition to be clearly legible.

(c) Penalties. Any person who shall violate the provisions of this section shall be guilty of a violation and be subject to a fine of not more than fifty dollars ($50.00).

{ADD (d) All vehicles registered as passenger, commercial, trailer, motorcycle, suburban, farm, combination, taxi, radio operator, camper, public, racer tow, jitney and antique must have displayed thereon the registration plate(s) commonly known as the general issuance "wave plate" by October 1, 1997. This subsection does not apply to those registrants in possession of an alternative design plate as described in section 31-3-60 or any other specially authorized plate described in chapter 31-3. ADD}

SECTION 2. This act shall take effect upon passage.

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