CHAPTER 16-67.1
Rhode Island High School Dropout Prevention Act of 2007 [See Title 16 Chapter 97 – The Rhode Island Board of Education Act]

SECTION 16-67.1-3

§ 16-67.1-3. Defining the age and protocol for a student to leave school.

(a) Children who have completed sixteen (16) years of life and who have not yet attained eighteen (18) years of age may not withdraw from school before graduation unless they have previously developed an alternative learning plan in accordance with subsection 16-19-1(b) and, after implementation of the plan:

(1) The student, the student's parent(s)/guardian and an administrator agree to the withdrawal;

(2) At the exit interview, the student and the student's parent(s)/guardian provide written acknowledgement of the withdrawal that meets the requirements of paragraph (4)(D) of this subsection;

(3) The school principal provides written consent for the student to withdraw from school; and/or

(4) The withdrawal is:

(i) Due to documented financial hardship and the need of the individual to be employed to support the individual's family or a dependent;

(ii) Due to documented illness;

(iii) By order of a court that has jurisdiction over the student; or

(iv) Accompanied by a written acknowledgement of a withdrawal under subdivision (2) of this subsection which must include a statement that the student and the student's parent(s)/guardian understand that withdrawal from school is likely to reduce the student's future earnings and increase the student's likelihood of being unemployed in the future;

(b) If a child of the age described in subsection (a) is habitually absent from school and the school is unable to contact the parent(s)/guardian. the school may withdraw the child from enrollment provided that its attempts to contact the parent(s)/guardian by telephone, regular and registered mail, and home visit are documented. If a child who has been withdrawn from enrollment under this subsection returns to school, or if the school mistakenly withdraws the child from enrollment, the child shall immediately be re-enrolled.

History of Section.
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