Agriculture and Forestry

Commercial Fertilizer


§ 2-7-6. Tonnage reports, tonnage fees.

(a) There shall be paid to the department of environmental management for all commercial fertilizers distributed in this state a tonnage fee at the rate of fifteen cents (15¢) per ton: provided, that sales or exchanges between manufacturers are exempted. Tonnage fees of less than one dollar ($1.00) are waived. All registration and tonnage fees received by the director under the provisions of this chapter shall be deposited into the general fund as general revenue.

(b) Every person who distributes a commercial fertilizer in this state shall file with the director, on forms furnished by the director, an annual tonnage report, under oath, for the twelve (12) month period ending June 30th. The report shall set forth the net tons of each grade of commercial fertilizer distributed in this state during the twelve (12) month period.

(c) The tonnage report and tonnage fee are due on or before July 15th following the close of the annual period. The tonnage fee is at the rate stated in subsection (a).

(d) If the tonnage report is not filed and/or the tonnage fee not made on or before August 1st, following the close of the annual period, a collection fee amounting to ten percent (10%) (ten dollars ($10.00) minimum) of the amount shall be assessed against the registrant, and the amount of fees due shall constitute a debt and become the basis of a judgment against the registrant. The director, however, in his or her discretion, may grant a reasonable extension of time. No information furnished the director under this section shall be disclosed in a way as to divulge the operation of any person.

(e) When more than one person is involved in the distribution of a commercial fertilizer, the last person who has the fertilizer registered and who distributes to a non-registrant (dealer or consumer) is responsible for reporting and paying the tonnage fee, unless the report and payment is made by a prior distributor of a fertilizer.

(f) All moneys for the commercial fertilizer program shall be made available to the director for the following purposes:

(1) To support the feed and fertilizer testing laboratory for the testing and analysis of commercial fertilizers distributed within this state for the expressed purpose of detection of deficiency; and

(2) For payment of ancillary services, personnel and equipment incurred in order to carry out the purposes of quality assurance defined by this chapter.

History of Section.
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