Food And Drugs

Sanitation in Food Establishments

SECTION 21-27-11.10

§ 21-27-11.10. Suspension or revocation of certification/training required.

Manager certification in food safety may be suspended or revoked for repeated violations of the rules and regulations of the state pertaining to food establishments or for preventing health department personnel from performing their duty. The individual shall surrender the certificate to the division when certification has been suspended or revoked. In lieu of suspension of certification, or of the establishment license, mandatory training may be required for managers employed in establishments where there is displayed an inability to maintain safe and sanitary food handling practices as demonstrated by food-borne illnesses, serious repeat violations, or other factors increasing the risk to consumers. The certificate or license holders at that establishment may be required to attend a training program approved by the department and repeat all requirements for certification. Under the conditions specified in this section, the department may also require all of the food establishment staff to attend a training program on food protection approved by the department.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1992, ch. 393, § 1.)