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Sanitation in Food Establishments

SECTION 21-27-12

§ 21-27-12. Outdoor dining – Dogs permitted.

(a) A restaurant with an outdoor dining area may allow a patron's dog to accompany the patron in the outdoor dining area during the hours designated by the owner of the restaurant.

(b) The owner of a restaurant:

(1) Shall determine the location and the amount of space in the outdoor dining area designated for a patron accompanied by a dog;

(2) May establish limits on the size and type of dogs and any other limitations relating to dogs that may accompany a patron into the outdoor dining area of a restaurant;

(3) May deny entry to the restaurant or eject from the restaurant any patron accompanied by a dog at the discretion of the owner; and

(4) Shall place on permanent display a written notice that is in a typeface that is large enough to be easily legible to the average person and that is in a location that is plainly visible to the patrons of the restaurant notifying the patrons of the policy of the restaurant allowing dogs in the outdoor dining area.

(c) A patron accompanied by a dog:

(1) Shall not allow the dog to travel through an indoor space of a restaurant to enter or exit an outdoor dining area;

(2) Shall keep the dog on a leash at all times with the patron at the table at which the patron is seated;

(3) Shall not leave the dog unattended at any time in the restaurant;

(4) Shall be an adult who is responsible for the behavior of the dog; and

(5) Shall be liable for any damages caused by the dog to the restaurant or any other patron of the restaurant.

(d) This section shall not affect the right of an individual to use a service animal as provided by the Rhode Island general laws.

History of Section.
(P.L. 2016, ch. 502, § 1.)