Health and Safety

Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation

SECTION 23-19-31

§ 23-19-31. Recycling facility at central landfill.

The Rhode Island resource recovery corporation shall construct a recycling facility at the state's central landfill. This facility will receive separated recyclable waste as defined by the department of environmental management; provided, that the definition shall include, but not be limited to, plastic materials that contain the plastic resins used to produce products labeled (1) through (7) with the numbers clearly marked on the product and contained in a triangle formed by chasing arrows. The products shall be generated as part of daily, municipal, non-municipal residential, or commercial activities. The corporation shall accept plastic materials labeled (3) through (7) for recycling no later than June 30, 2013. Plastic resin by-products, or products produced for industrial use, shall not be required to be accepted at the recycling facility, unless deemed appropriate for processing by the corporation. The corporation shall use its reasonable efforts to market the recyclable materials to local commercial users of the material, including owners/tenants located in any industrial/business park developed pursuant to § 23-19-35.1(c), consistent with receiving optimum prices. The corporation shall also use its reasonable efforts to market finished goods made from recyclable materials to local commercial users of those goods, and shall offer these goods for sale through a quarterly competitive bid process consistent with industry practices. No bid contract shall exceed one calendar year. The corporation shall provide a thirty (30) calendar day prior public notice for any bid contract which would exceed one month. Neither the corporation nor any private concern operating the recycling facility pursuant to §§ 23-19-3(10) and 23-19-9(a)(6) shall purchase recyclable materials from the facility or for processing at that facility. The corporation will provide this service at no tipping cost to the cities and towns for materials delivered to the recycling facility.

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