Health and Safety

Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation

SECTION 23-19-8

§ 23-19-8. Employment of executive director and support services – Books and records.

(a) The commissioners shall employ an executive director who shall administer, manage, and direct the offices and business of the corporation, subject to the policies, control, and direction of the commissioners. The commissioners may employ technical experts and other officers, agents, and staff, and fix their qualifications, duties, and compensation. The executive director and the technical experts, officers, agents, and staff and attorneys so employed shall not be subject to the provisions of the classified service. The board of commissioners may delegate to one or more of its agents or employees those administrative duties that it may deem proper to accomplish its purposes. The corporation may request that the director of the department of environmental management provide within the department of environmental management facilities, administrative support, staff services, and any other services that shall be necessary for the proper performance of the powers and duties of the corporation.

(b) The executive director shall also be the secretary and shall keep a record of the proceedings of the corporation and shall be custodian of all books, documents, and papers filed with the corporation and of its minutes, books, and seal. The executive director shall have the authority to cause to be made copies of all minutes and other records and documents of the corporation, and to give certificate under the seal of the corporation that the copies are true copies and all persons dealing with the corporation may rely upon the certificate, except in the case where a secretary's certificate is required to attest to an action of the executive director, in which instance the deputy executive director shall have the authority to give certificate under the seal of the corporation as secretary.

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