Health and Safety

Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation

SECTION 23-19-9

§ 23-19-9. Purposes of the corporation.

(a) The purposes of the corporation shall be:

(1) The planning, design, construction, financing, management, ownership, operation, and maintenance of transfer stations, waste processing facilities, resource recovery facilities, and all other solid waste management facilities deemed necessary by the corporation as being desirable, convenient, or appropriate to carry out the provisions of this chapter;

(2) The provision of solid waste management services to municipalities and persons within the state by receiving solid wastes at the corporation facilities, pursuant to contracts between the corporation and the municipalities, and persons, the recovery of resources and resource values from the solid wastes, and the production from the services and resource recovery operations, of revenues sufficient to provide for the support of the corporation and its operations on a self-sustaining basis with due regard to the provision of the services at a reasonable cost to the clients it has contracted with;

(3) The fullest feasible utilization, through contractual arrangements, of private industry for implementation of the corporation's plans and programs, and for any other activities that may be considered necessary, desirable, or convenient by the corporation;

(4) Assistance with and coordination of efforts directed towards source separation of solid wastes for recycling purposes;

(5) Assistance in the development of industries and commercial enterprises within the state based upon resource recovery, recycling, and reuse;

(6) Provided, either by contract with a private concern or directly by the corporation, or a recycling facility at, or within a convenient distance of, all solid waste management facilities under the jurisdiction of the Rhode Island resource recovery corporation; and

(7) Develop an industrial/business park in the town of Johnston for points south of Central Pike, west of Old Pocasset Road, to the intersection of Old Pocasset Road and Scituate Avenue, then west of route 295, bounded to the south by the northern shore (mean high water line) of the Upper Simmons Reservoir and the Lower Simmons Reservoir, through the exercise of the eminent domain power and through contractual arrangements.

(b) These purposes shall be considered to be operating responsibilities of the corporation, in accordance with the statewide solid waste management plan, and are to be considered public purposes. It is the intention of this chapter that the corporation shall be granted all powers necessary to fulfill these purposes and to carry out its assigned responsibilities, and that the provisions of this chapter are to be construed liberally in furtherance of this intention.

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