Title 27

Index of Chapters

Chapter 27-1 Domestic Insurance Companies

Chapter 27-1.1 Credit for Reinsurance Act

Chapter 27-1.2 Corporate Governance Annual Disclosure

Chapter 27-2 Foreign Insurance Companies

Chapter 27-2.1 Additional Fees for Foreign Insurance Companies

Chapter 27-2.2 Domestication/Redomestication of Insurance

Chapter 27-2.3 Single License Procedure Act [Repealed.]

Chapter 27-2.4 Producer Licensing Act

Chapter 27-2.5 Interstate Compact on Insurance Product Regulations

Chapter 27-2.6 Rhode Island Title Insurers Act

Chapter 27-2.7 Portable Electronics Insurance

Chapter 27-2.8  Self-Service Storage Insurance

Chapter 27-3 Surplus Lines Insurance

Chapter 27-3.1 Mandatory Prelicensing Education Requirements for Life and Health Insurance Producers [Repealed.]

Chapter 27-3.2 Continuing Education Requirements

Chapter 27-3.3 Mandatory Prelicensing Education Requirements for Property and Casualty Insurance Producers [Repealed.]

Chapter 27-4 Life Insurance Policies and Reserves

Chapter 27-4.1 Legal Services Insurance

Chapter 27-4.2 Life and Health Reinsurance Agreements Act

Chapter 27-4.3 The Standard Nonforfeiture Law for Life Insurance

Chapter 27-4.4 The Standard Nonforfeiture Law for Individual Deferred Annuities

Chapter 27-4.5 The Standard Valuation Law

Chapter 27-4.6 Risk-Based Capital (RBC) for Insurers Act

Chapter 27-4.7 Risk-Based Capital (RBC) for Health Organizations Act

Chapter 27-4.8 Group Life Insurance

Chapter 27-4.9 Beneficiaries’ Bill of Rights

Chapter 27-4.10 Mandatory Disclosure of Alternatives to Lapse or Surrender

Chapter 27-5 Fire Insurance Policies and Reserves

Chapter 27-6 Fire and Marine Insurance Rating

Chapter 27-6.1  Lender-Placed Insurance

Chapter 27-7 Liability Insurance

Chapter 27-7.1 Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Chapter 27-7.2 Workers’ Compensation Insurance Fund [Repealed.]

Chapter 27-8 Casualty Insurance Generally

Chapter 27-8.1 Information Reporting and Immunity Relating to Fire Losses

Chapter 27-8.2 Stop-Loss Insurance

Chapter 27-8.3  Peer-To-Peer Car Sharing Program [REPEALED.]

Chapter 27-9 Casualty Insurance Rating

Chapter 27-9.1 Unfair Claims Settlement Practices Act

Chapter 27-9.2 Independent Medical Examinations

Chapter 27-9.3 State Structured Settlement Protection Act

Chapter 27-9.4 Insurance Binders as Evidence of Coverage

Chapter 27-10 Claim Adjusters

Chapter 27-10.1 Motor Vehicle Damage Appraisers

Chapter 27-10.2 Motor Vehicle Replacement Parts

Chapter 27-10.3 Motor Vehicle Insurance — Mandatory Arbitration Provision

Chapter 27-10.4  Motor Vehicle Appraisal Provision

Chapter 27-11 Investment in Real Estate

Chapter 27-11.1 Investments by Domestic Insurance Companies

Chapter 27-11.2 Asset Valuation Law

Chapter 27-12 Annual Reports of Insurance Companies

Chapter 27-12.1 National Association of Insurance Commissioners (Naic) Insurance Regulatory Information System Act

Chapter 27-12.2 Administrative Supervision Act [REPEALED.]

Chapter 27-12.3 Property and Casualty Actuarial Opinion Law

Chapter 27-13 Revocation and Suspension of License

Chapter 27-13.1 Examinations

Chapter 27-14 Uniform Insurers Liquidation Act [Repealed.]

Chapter 27-14.1 Administrative Supervision

Chapter 27-14.2 Standards and Director’s Authority for Companies Deemed to Be in Hazardous Financial Condition

Chapter 27-14.3 Insurers’ Rehabilitation and Liquidation Act

Chapter 27-14.4 Uniform Insurers Liquidation Act

Chapter 27-14.5 Voluntary Restructuring of Solvent Insurers

Chapter 27-15 Assessment Plan Insurance [Repealed.]

Chapter 27-16 Unauthorized Insurance Business

Chapter 27-17 Reciprocal Exchanges and Interinsurers

Chapter 27-18 Accident and Sickness Insurance Policies

Chapter 27-18.1 Compliance of Health Benefit Contracts and Medical Assistance Program with Federal Law

Chapter 27-18.2 Medicare Supplement Insurance Policies

Chapter 27-18.3 Low Cost Health Insurance for the Uninsured [Repealed.]

Chapter 27-18.4 Health Insurance — Coordination with Federal Medicaid Program

Chapter 27-18.5 Individual Health Insurance Coverage

Chapter 27-18.6 Large Group Health Insurance Coverage

Chapter 27-18.7 Extended Medical Leave

Chapter 27-18.8 Health Care Accessibility and Quality Assurance Act

Chapter 27-18.9 Benefit Determination and Utilization Review Act

Chapter 27-19 Nonprofit Hospital Service Corporations

Chapter 27-19.1 Extended Medical Benefits

Chapter 27-19.2 Nonprofit Hospital and Medical Service Corporations

Chapter 27-20 Nonprofit Medical Service Corporations

Chapter 27-20.1 Nonprofit Dental Service Corporations

Chapter 27-20.2 Nonprofit Optometric Service Corporations

Chapter 27-20.3 Nonprofit Legal Service Corporations

Chapter 27-20.4 Insurance Continuation Act

Chapter 27-20.5 Participation of Medical Service Providers

Chapter 27-20.6 Healthcare Insurers — Coordination of Benefits

Chapter 27-20.7 Third-Party Health Insurance Administrators

Chapter 27-20.8 Prescription Drug Benefits

Chapter 27-20.9 Contract with Healthcare Providers

Chapter 27-20.10 Rental Network Contract Arrangements

Chapter 27-20.11 Autism Spectrum Disorders

Chapter 27-21 Foreign Surety Companies [Repealed.]

Chapter 27-22 Domestic Fraternal Benefit Societies [Repealed.]

Chapter 27-23 Foreign Fraternal Benefit Societies [Repealed.]

Chapter 27-24 Insurance by Fraternal Benefit Societies [Repealed.]

Chapter 27-25 Rhode Island Fraternal Code

Chapter 27-26 Funds, Reports, Examination and Dissolution of Fraternal Benefit Societies [Repealed.]

Chapter 27-27 Agents for Fraternal Benefit Societies [Repealed.]

Chapter 27-28 Insurance and Benefits by Fraternal Benefit Societies [Repealed.]

Chapter 27-29 Unfair Competition and Practices

Chapter 27-29.1 Pharmacy Freedom of Choice — Fair Competition and Practices

Chapter 27-29.2 Freedom of Choice for Orthotic or Prosthetic Services

Chapter 27-30 Consumer Credit Insurance

Chapter 27-31 Credit Accident and Health Insurance [REPEALED.]

Chapter 27-32 Pension, Profit Sharing, or Annuity Plans

Chapter 27-33 Federal Riot Reinsurance Reimbursement Fund

Chapter 27-34 Rhode Island Property and Casualty Insurance Guaranty Association

Chapter 27-34.1 Rhode Island Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association Act [Repealed.]

Chapter 27-34.2 Long-Term Care Insurance

Chapter 27-34.3 Rhode Island Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association Act

Chapter 27-35 Insurance Holding Company Systems

Chapter 27-36 Consumer Representation at Rate Hearings

Chapter 27-37 Cancellation of Group Insurance

Chapter 27-38 Insurance Coverage for Treatment of Substance Abuse [Repealed.]

Chapter 27-38.1 Insurance Coverage for Pediatric Preventive Care

Chapter 27-38.2 Insurance Coverage for Mental Illness and Substance Use Disorders

Chapter 27-39 Second Medical Opinion

Chapter 27-40 Insurance Premium Finance Agreements [Repealed.]

Chapter 27-41 Health Maintenance Organizations

Chapter 27-42 Jurisdiction to Determine Jurisdiction of Providers of Healthcare Benefits

Chapter 27-43 Captive Insurance Companies

Chapter 27-44 Casualty, Liability and Fire and Marine Insurance Rating

Chapter 27-45 Participation in the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (Naic) Insurance Regulatory Information System (Iris) [Repealed.]

Chapter 27-46 Risk Retention Act

Chapter 27-47 Criminal Sanctions for Failure to Report Impairment

Chapter 27-48 Business Transacted with Producer Controlled Insurer Act

Chapter 27-49 Motor Vehicle Theft and Motor Vehicle Insurance Fraud Reporting — Immunity Act

Chapter 27-50 Small Employer Health Insurance Availability Act

Chapter 27-51 Managing General Agents Act

Chapter 27-52 Reinsurance Intermediaries

Chapter 27-53 Assumption Reinsurance [Repealed.]

Chapter 27-53.1 Assumption Reinsurance

Chapter 27-54 Insurance Fraud Prevention Act

Chapter 27-54.1 Anti-Fraud Act

Chapter 27-55 Off-Label Uses of Prescription Drugs

Chapter 27-56 Disclosure of Material Transactions Act

Chapter 27-57 Child Support Intercept Act

Chapter 27-57.1 Medical Assistance Intercept Act

Chapter 27-58 The Banking and Insurance Consumer Protection Act

Chapter 27-59 Alien Insurance Companies

Chapter 27-60 Unfair Discrimination Against Subjects of Abuse in Health Benefit Plans Act

Chapter 27-60.1 Unfair Discrimination Against Subjects of Abuse in Property and Casualty Insurance

Chapter 27-61 Unfair Discrimination Against Subjects of Abuse in Life Insurance Act

Chapter 27-61.1  Unfair Discrimination Against Organ Donors in Disability Income, Life, and Long-Term Care Insurance Act

Chapter 27-62 Life Insurance Policy Illustration

Chapter 27-63 Healthcare Fraud Reporting Immunity

Chapter 27-64 Protected Cell Companies Act

Chapter 27-65 Commercial Special Risks

Chapter 27-66 The Health Insurance Conversions Act

Chapter 27-67 The Health Insurance Market Expansion Act

Chapter 27-68 Pilot Primary Care Program for the Uninsured

Chapter 27-69 Mandated Benefits

Chapter 27-70 Health Insurance Tax Incentive

Chapter 27-71 Market Conduct Surveillance Act

Chapter 27-72 Life Settlements Act

Chapter 27-73 Rhode Island Public School Employee Uniform Benefit Act

Chapter 27-74 Discount Medical Plan Organization Act

Chapter 27-75 Surplus Lines Insurance Multi-State Compliance Compact [Repealed.]

Chapter 27-76 Weather-Related Losses

Chapter 27-77 Risk Management and Own Risk and Solvency Assessment Act

Chapter 27-78 Certificates of Insurance Model Act

Chapter 27-79 Limited Lines Travel Insurance Act [Repealed.]

Chapter 27-79.1 Travel Insurance Act

Chapter 27-80 Unclaimed Life Insurance Benefits Act

Chapter 27-81 Telemedicine Coverage Act