Labor and Labor Relations

Mechanical Trades

SECTION 28-27-30

§ 28-27-30. Enforcement procedures.

Violations of this chapter may be enjoined upon bill of complaint being filed in the superior court for the county in which those violations have been committed by the department of labor and training or by any association of pipefitter or refrigeration/air conditioning masters or journeypersons, licensed pipefitter or refrigeration/air condition masters or journeypersons, or association of sheet metal contractors or journeyperson sheet metal workers, licensed sheet metal contractor or journeyperson sheet metal worker or by any inspector. Injunctions may be granted by the superior court after hearing in open court against any person, firm, corporation, or association which has violated any of the provisions of this chapter, without regard to whether proceedings have been or may have been instituted before the department. No ex parte restraining orders shall be issued in suits brought pursuant to this section. Violators may also be ordered to pay the complaint's reasonable attorney's fees.

History of Section.
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