Labor and Labor Relations

Mechanical Trades

SECTION 28-27-5.2

§ 28-27-5.2. Issuance of P.J.F. journeyperson oil burnerperson's license.

(a) Any person who has previously qualified for the electrician's F certificate and the P.J.F. II limited to oil individually, and presently holds both licenses, may convert to the single P.J.F. limited journeyperson II oil burnerperson's license by application to the division on an approved application and with payment of the applicable fee as detailed in this section. This licensee cannot be self-employed and is limited to domestic oil burner service work, burner, tank, and oil line installation. Persons seeking an initial P.J.F. limited journeyperson II oil burner license must show proof of completion of a trade sponsored program or a trade related program offered by a recognized college. All programs must have prior approval of the department of labor and training before licenses are issued.

(b) The person seeking P.J.F. licensing must be employed by a master pipefitting contractor class II as detailed under § 28-27-4.

(c) The above provisions are similar for most limited licenses under chapter 27 of this title.

(d) Fees shall be as follows:

(1) Apprenticeship fee is thirty dollars ($30.00) with birth-month licensing;

(2) License fee is seventy-two dollars ($72.00) with birth-month licensing;

(3) Renewal fee is seventy-two dollars ($72.00) with birth-month licensing;

(e) The fees collected shall be deposited as general revenues.

History of Section.
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