Labor and Labor Relations

Workers' Compensation – Group Self-Insurance

SECTION 28-47-3

§ 28-47-3. Notice to group – Jurisdiction – Insolvency – Termination.

An employer participating in group self-insurance shall not be relieved from the liability for compensation prescribed by chapters 29 – 38 of this title except by the payment of the compensation by the group self-insurer or by itself. As between the employee and the group self-insurer, notice to or knowledge of the occurrence of the injury on the part of the employer shall be deemed notice or knowledge, as the case may be, on the part of the group self-insurer. Jurisdiction of the employer shall, for the purpose of this chapter, be jurisdiction of the group self-insurer, and that group self-insurer shall in all things be bound by and subject to the orders, findings, decisions, or awards rendered against the participating employer for the payment of compensation under the provisions of chapters 29 – 38 of this title. The insolvency or bankruptcy of a participating employer shall not relieve the group self-insurer from the payment of compensation for injuries or death sustained by an employee during the time the employer was a participant in the group self-insurance. The group self-insurer shall promptly notify the director, on a prescribed form, of the addition of any participating employer or employers. Notice of termination of a participating employer shall not be effective until at least ten (10) days after notice of that termination, on a prescribed form, has been either filed in the office of the director or sent by certified or registered letter, return receipt requested, and also served in like manner upon the employer.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1982, ch. 32, art. 3, § 1.)