Labor and Labor Relations

Workers' Compensation – Group Self-Insurance

SECTION 28-47-5

§ 28-47-5. Termination of group.

If for any reason, the status of a group self-insurer under this chapter is terminated, the surety bond on deposit, trust fund, or other security referred to in § 28-47-2 shall remain in the custody of the director for a period of at least twenty-six (26) months. At the expiration of any time or any further period that the director may deem proper and warranted, he or she may accept in lieu of the bond, and for the additional purpose of securing that further and future contingent liability as may arise from prior injuries to workers and be incurred by reason of any change in the condition of those workers warranting the workers' compensation court making subsequent awards for payment of additional compensation, a policy of insurance furnished by the group self-insurer, its successors or assigns, or others carrying on or liquidating that self-insurance group. That policy shall be in a form approved by the director and issued by any insurance company licensed to issue this class of insurance in this state. It shall only be issued for a single complete premium payment in advance by the group self-insurer. It shall be given in an amount to be determined by the director and when issued shall not be subject to cancellation for any cause during the continuance of the liability secured and so covered.

History of Section.
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