Labor and Labor Relations

Workers' Compensation – Group Self-Insurance

SECTION 28-47-8

§ 28-47-8. Advisory committee for group self-insurance.

(a) To advise the director, there shall be an advisory committee for group self-insurance which shall consist of seven (7) members appointed by the governor: (1) one of those members shall be named from the manufacturing and trade group of group self-insurance; (2) two (2) from the transportation, public utilities and construction group; (3) two (2) from the services industry; (4) one from health care facilities; and, (5) one member shall be a group self-insurer selected at large by the governor, who shall be vice-chairperson of the advisory committee. The director or his or her designee shall be an additional member of the advisory committee and act as chairperson of the committee. Any member appointed to the advisory committee shall be a group self-insurer or an officer of a group self-insurer or a person who on account of his or her employment or affiliation can be classed as a management representative of a group self-insurer.

(b) The members of the advisory committee for group self-insurance shall be appointed for terms of three (3) years. Vacancies shall be filled for the unexpired term by appointment by the governor. Members shall continue in office until their successors are appointed. In the event that no appointment is made within three (3) months after a vacancy exists or after the expiration of the term of a member, the remaining members may fill the vacancy by a majority vote. If a member is absent from two (2) consecutive regular meetings without adequate excuse his or her place may be declared vacant by the director.

(c) Members of the advisory committee shall serve without pay, but are entitled to their reasonable and necessary traveling and other expenses incurred in connection with their duties.

(d) Regular meetings of the advisory committee shall be held twice a year on the dates to be fixed by the director. In addition, special meetings shall be held if called by the director or any three (3) members of the committee.

(e) The advisory committee shall have access to all group self-insurance records and shall have the power to require the presence before it of any employee or any group self-insurer. Information obtained by members of the advisory committee shall be deemed confidential unless disclosed by order of the committee.

(f) It shall be the duty of the advisory committee to advise the director on all matters relating to group self-insurance, particularly in respect to rules governing group self-insurance, the deposit or withdrawal of securities, and on such other matters as the director shall request.

(g) The director shall detail to the advisory committee any stenographic or other assistance that may be necessary.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1982, ch. 32, art. 3, § 1.)