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SECTION 31-23-42.1

§ 31-23-42.1. Special mirrors on school buses.

Every school bus as defined in § 31-1-3 shall be equipped with a system of mirrors that will give the seated driver a view of the roadway to each side of the bus, and the area immediately in front of the front bumper, in accordance with the following specifications:

(1) At least seven and one-half inches (7 1/2") of a thirty-inch (30") long rod shall be visible to the driver, either by direct view or by means of an indirect visibility system, when the rod is placed upright on the ground at any point along a traverse line extending one foot from the forward-most point of the bus and one foot from the length and width and rear of the bus.

(2) Every school bus owner shall maintain a measuring rod thirty inches (30") in length with distinctive identification marks located at seven and one-half inch (7 1/2") intervals for purposes of adjusting the system of mirrors required by this section in accordance with these specifications.

(3) Other mirrors shall be located and adjustable so as to meet their intended minimum requirements, and may be incorporated in the system of mirrors required by this section.

(4) Each school bus shall be equipped with at least two (2) flat-surfaced rectangular exterior mirrors, one situated on each side of the bus forward of the operator and any entrance door. The reflecting surface shall not be obscured and shall have a minimum reflective surface of fifty square inches (50 sq. in.). The mirrors shall be firmly supported and adjustable, and shall afford the driver a clear, stable, reflected view of the road surface at each side of the vehicle for a continual distance beginning at a point not greater than two hundred feet (200') to the rear and continuing to the horizon when measured on a straight and level road.

(5) Exterior mirror mounts shall include a wide-angle adjustable convex mirror to provide a close-in field of vision to the operator. Each school bus shall be equipped with convex mirrors that shall be mounted at the left front corner and the right front corner of the vehicle, sufficiently adjustable to enable a seated operator to observe a reflection of the area in front of the bus where children might stand or pass.

(6) Each school bus shall be equipped with interior mirrors that shall afford the driver a view of the bus interior, emergency door, and the roadway to the immediate rear of the bus. Every school bus with a seating capacity of sixteen (16) passengers or fewer shall have a convex rear view mirror located near the right front corner, so as to provide the operator with a view of the ground area at the entrance door when the door is not equipped with safety glass in the lower portion of the door.

(7) Violations of this section are subject to fines enumerated in § 31-41.1-4.

History of Section.
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