Motor and Other Vehicles

Equipment and Accessories Generally

SECTION 31-23-49

§ 31-23-49. Transportation of gasoline – Penalty.

(a) No motor vehicle shall be used to transport gasoline, except those which are duly registered with and approved by the division of motor vehicles. No container of whatever kind may be used to transport gasoline, except under the rules and regulations that may be promulgated and approved by the state fire marshal. The rules and regulations on containers shall, among other facets, regulate the size and kinds of containers that may be used to transport gasoline in the state of Rhode Island. Unless there exists an emergency condition that would require the transportation of gasoline by motor vehicle in a container or otherwise in response to an individual's or the general public's health, safety, or welfare, no person, firm, or corporation shall transport gasoline by motor vehicle, container, or otherwise except as provided in this section. This section shall not be applicable to any vehicle subject to the jurisdiction and regulatory authority of the federal government or any of its agencies.

(b) Any person, firm, or corporation convicted of violating the provisions of this section or the rules and regulations promulgated by the state fire marshal or the division of motor vehicles under this section shall, upon conviction, be subject to the fines enumerated in § 31-41.1-4.

History of Section.
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