Animals and Animal Husbandry


SECTION 4-12-10

§ 4-12-10. Quarantines inside state – Seizure – Inspection – Notice – Eradication – Lien for expenses.

(a) Whenever the director finds there exists in this state, or any part of this state, a harmful disease or pest of honey bees, which, for the protection of the apiculture and/or agriculture industry within the state, should be prevented from spreading and be controlled or eradicated, the director shall adopt and carry out any restrictive and control measures as may be deemed necessary and advisable and shall cooperate with other state agencies and with the United States department of agriculture.

(b) The director shall promulgate regulations establishing quarantines and quarantine restrictions covering areas in the state affected by these honey bee diseases or pests, and other areas within the state which are likely to be affected by these diseases and pests.

(c) Under these quarantines the director or authorized personnel shall prohibit and prevent the movement, shipment, or transportation without inspection of any honey bees, used beekeeping equipment, or any other regulated material or article of any character capable of carrying this disease or pest in any stage of its development, originating in or which has been stored in quarantined areas or in any area outside the state infested with this disease or pest, except under any conditions as the director may prescribe as to inspection, treatment and certification. In carrying out the provisions of this section the director or authorized personnel may intercept, stop and detain for official inspection any person, car, vessel, boat, truck, automobile, aircraft, wagon, or other vehicles or carriers whether air, land or water, and may open and inspect any container or shipment thought to be carrying this disease or pest in any stage of its development. Any honey bees, used beekeeping equipment, or any other regulated articles moved, shipped, or transported in violation of this quarantine shall be seized and treated, destroyed or otherwise disposed of in accordance with the instructions of the director.

(d) Under these quarantines the director shall require the treatment or destruction of infected or infested honey bee colonies as may be necessary to effectively destroy or prevent the development of this disease and pests of honey bees. It shall be the duty of the owner or person in charge of any apiary or any other regulated article within this quarantined area upon due notice, to take any action as is required within the time limit specified and in a manner designated by the director.

(e) In case the owner or person in charge of any apiary, used beekeeping equipment or other regulated articles within the quarantined area neglects or refuses to carry out the instructions of the director contained in the notice within time limits specified, the director or authorized personnel shall take the action required, and the director shall have and enforce a lien for the expense against the place in or upon which the expense was incurred in the same manner as liens are had and enforced upon buildings and lots, wharves and piers for labor and materials furnished by virtue of contract with the owner.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1989, ch. 495, § 2.)