Animals and Animal Husbandry


SECTION 4-12-13

§ 4-12-13. Identification of apiaries – Abandoned apiaries – Written notice – Steps to protect neighboring apiaries.

(a) Each colony within an apiary shall be identified with the owner's name and address. This identification may be affixed to external parts of the colony or placed between the inner and outer covers of each colony.

(b) When a colony or apiary is deemed to be abandoned written notice shall be given, by certified mail, to the owner or operator, if he or she can be located, that the colony or apiary is an abandoned colony or apiary. The abandoned colony or apiary shall be conspicuously marked as abandoned. If the owner cannot be located, this notice shall be served on the owner of the land on which the colony or apiary is located. If this colony or apiary continues to be abandoned for sixty (60) days, the director shall take whatever steps are necessary to protect the welfare of neighboring apiaries, including the removal or destruction of apiaries deemed as abandoned.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1989, ch. 495, § 2.)