Animals and Animal Husbandry


SECTION 4-12-6

§ 4-12-6. Specialized examination – Inspection fees – Accessibility.

(a) Any bees kept in anything other than a hive with removable frames (which must be reasonably removable) such as box hives or other receptacles, natural or artificial, shall be deemed impossible to inspect unless the owner of these bees removes the brood or makes the brood accessible to the director or inspectors. To permit inspection of the brood, the director may order the colonies to be transferred to removable frame hives within thirty (30) days. In the event the order is not carried out, these colonies may be destroyed by the director or appointed inspectors.

(b) On finding infection or infestation or exposure to infection or infestation the director or inspector shall require that the infected, infested, or exposed bees, hives, or equipment be treated, or, after unsuccessful treatment, destroyed.

(c) The director or appointed inspector shall require removal from the state or the destruction of honey bees or beekeeping equipment which has been brought into this state in violation of this law.

(d) After inspecting infected hives, beekeeping equipment or handling diseased bees, the inspector or the deputy inspector shall, before leaving the premises or proceeding to any other apiary, thoroughly disinfect any portion of the inspector's person, clothing and/or any tools used which may have come in contact with infected material, and shall see that any assistant or assistants with him or her have likewise thoroughly disinfected their persons and clothing and any tools used by them.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1989, ch. 495, § 2.)