Animals and Animal Husbandry


SECTION 4-12-7

§ 4-12-7. Certification of health – Expiration – Quarantine – Eradication.

(a) If, by reason of an owner requested inspection, the director is satisfied that no apparent disease or pest exists in any colony in an apiary, the director shall issue to the owner a certificate of health setting out the date of the inspection, the number of colonies and the results of the inspection. This certificate shall expire ninety (90) days after the inspection.

(b) If, by reason of any inspection, the director is satisfied of the existence of any disease or pest, the director shall notify the beekeeper owning the apiary, in writing, of the results of the inspection, setting out the number and location of infected colonies and informing the owner of the proper methods of treating or destroying the infected colonies. Any apiary infected with any contagious or infectious bee disease or pest may be declared under quarantine and the owner shall be prohibited from moving this apiary, bees, honey, wax, or used beekeeping equipment. The owner shall eliminate the diseased or pest infested condition within the apiary or equipment or both, to the satisfaction of the director. The quarantine will then be lifted.

(c) If, by the time of the next inspection, which will be no more than thirty (30) days after the initial inspection, the disease or pest infested condition has not been eliminated, the director shall supervise either the treatment or eradication of the disease or pest infested bees and equipment, or shall otherwise eliminate the diseased or pest infested condition and lift the quarantine on any remaining bees, colonies or equipment.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1989, ch. 495, § 2.)