State Affairs and Government

CHAPTER 42-28.6
Law Enforcement Officers' Bill of Rights

SECTION 42-28.6-11

§ 42-28.6-11. Decisions of hearing committee.

(a) The hearing committee shall be empowered to sustain, modify in whole or in part, or reverse the complaint or charges of the investigating authority, as provided in § 42-28.6-4.

(b) Any decision, order, or action taken as a result of the hearing shall be in writing and shall be accompanied by findings of fact. The findings shall consist of a concise statement upon each issue in the case. Copies of the decision or order and accompanying findings and conclusions shall be delivered or mailed promptly to the law enforcement officer or to his or her attorney or representative of record and to the law enforcement agency or to its attorney or representative of record.

(c) In any proceeding under this chapter, it shall be the burden of the charging law enforcement agency to prove, by a fair preponderance of the evidence, that the law enforcement officer is guilty of the offense(s) or violation(s) of which he or she is accused.

History of Section.
(G.L. 1956, § 42-28.6-11; P.L. 1976, ch. 186, § 1; P.L. 1995, ch. 19, § 1.)