State Affairs and Government

Office of Healthy Aging

SECTION 42-66-3

§ 42-66-3. Transfer of functions from the department of community affairs.

There are transferred to the director of the department of elderly affairs:

(1) Those duties with respect to elderly citizens as enacted by former §§ 42-44-9 and 42-44-10;

(2) So much of other functions or parts of functions of the director of the department of community affairs; provided, however, that those duties with respect to housing facilities, projects, and programs for the elderly shall be within the jurisdiction of the governor's office of intergovernmental relations; and

(3) Whenever in the general laws or in any public law the words "administration of division of aging," "division on aging" and "director and/or department of community affairs" shall appear in relation to elderly affairs, the reference shall be deemed to mean and include the director and the department of elderly affairs, as the case may be.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1977, ch. 235, § 2.)