State Affairs and Government

Office of Healthy Aging

SECTION 42-66-9

§ 42-66-9. Obstruction of provision of services.

(a) No person shall obstruct the provision of available and existing services to a person sixty (60) years of age or older who has been abused, neglected, exploited or who is self-neglecting. For the purposes of this section, "obstruction" shall mean threats, intimidation, assaults and/or abuse, whether physical or emotional, made with the intent to prevent or dissuade the recipient or proposed recipient from accepting, requesting, and/or receiving services available under § 42-66-8. Any person who violates the provisions of this section shall be punished by a fine of not more than five hundred dollars ($500).

(b) However, nothing in this chapter is construed to mean a person is abused, neglected, exploited or is self-neglecting for the sole reason that person is being furnished or relies upon treatment by spiritual means through prayer alone in accordance with the tenets and practices of a church or religious denomination recognized by the laws of this state.

(c) No person shall deny access to a person sixty (60) years of age or older who is alleged to be a victim of abuse, neglect, exploitation or who is self-neglecting, while the staff person is investigating a report made under this chapter.

History of Section.
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