CHAPTER 44-48.3
Rhode Island New Qualified Jobs Incentive Act 2015

SECTION 44-48.3-3

§ 44-48.3-3. Definitions.

As used in this chapter, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise, the following words and phrases shall have the following meanings:

(1) "Affiliate" or "affiliated entity" means an entity that directly or indirectly controls, is under common control with, or is controlled by the business. Control exists in all cases in which the entity is a member of an affiliated group of corporations as defined pursuant to § 1504 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 (26 U.S.C. § 1504) or the entity is an organization in a group of organizations under common control as defined pursuant to subsection (b) or (c) of § 414 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 (26 U.S.C. § 414). A taxpayer may establish by clear and convincing evidence, as determined by the commerce corporation, that control exists in situations involving lesser percentages of ownership than required by those statutes. An affiliate of a business may contribute to meeting full-time employee requirements of a business that applies for a credit under this chapter.

(2) "Business" means an applicant that is a corporation, state bank, federal savings bank, trust company, national banking association, bank holding company, loan and investment company, mutual savings bank, credit union, building and loan association, insurance company, investment company, broker-dealer company or surety company, limited liability company, partnership or sole proprietorship.

(3) "Commerce corporation" means the Rhode Island commerce corporation established pursuant to chapter 64 of title 42.

(4) "Commitment period" means the period of time that at a minimum is twenty percent (20%) greater than the eligibility period.

(5) "Eligibility period" means the period in which a business may claim a tax credit under the program, beginning at the end of the tax period in which the commerce corporation issues a certification for the business that it has met the employment requirements of the program and extending thereafter for a term of not more than ten (10) years.

(6) "Eligible position" or "full-time job" means a full-time position in a business which has been filled with a full-time employee who earns no less than the median hourly wage as reported by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics for the state of Rhode Island, provided, that for economically fragile industries such as manufacturing, the commerce corporation may reduce the wage threshold. An economically fragile industry shall not include retail.

(7) "Full-time employee" means a person who is employed by a business for consideration for at least thirty-five (35) hours a week, or who is employed by a professional employer organization pursuant to an employee leasing agreement between the business and the professional employer organization for at least thirty-five (35) hours a week, and whose wages are subject to withholding.

(8) "Hope community" means municipalities with a percentage of families below the poverty level that is greater than the percentage of families below the poverty level for the state as a whole as determined by the United States Census Bureau's most recent American Community Survey.

(9) "Incentive agreement" means the contract between the business and the commerce corporation, which sets forth the terms and conditions under which the business shall be eligible to receive the incentives authorized pursuant to the program.

(10) "Incentive effective date" means the date the commerce corporation issues a certification for issuance of tax credit based on documentation submitted by a business pursuant to § 44-48.3-7.

(11) "New full-time job" means an eligible position created by the business that did not previously exist in this state and which is created after approval of an application to the commerce corporation under the program. Such job position cannot be the result of an acquisition of an existing company located in Rhode Island by purchase, merger, or otherwise. For the purposes of determining the number of new full-time jobs, the eligible positions of an affiliate shall be considered eligible positions of the business so long as such eligible position(s) otherwise meets the requirements of this section.

(12) "Partnership" means an entity classified as a partnership for federal income tax purposes.

(13) "Program" means the incentive program established pursuant to this chapter.

(14) "Targeted industry" means any industry identified in the economic development vision and policy promulgated under § 42-64.17-1 or, until such time as any economic development vision and policy is promulgated, as identified by the commerce corporation.

(15) "Taxpayer" means a business granted a tax credit under this chapter or such person entitled to the tax credit because the business is a pass through entity such as a partnership, S corporation, sole proprietorship or limited liability company taxed as a partnership.

(16) "Transit oriented development area" means an area in proximity to mass-transit infrastructure including, but not limited to, an airport, rail or intermodal facility that will be further defined by regulation of the commerce corporation in consultation with the Rhode Island department of transportation.

History of Section.
(P.L. 2015, ch. 141, art. 19, § 15.)