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CHAPTER 45-49.1
Early Childhood Foundation

SECTION 45-49.1-1

§ 45-49.1-1. Establishment.

There is established within the department of elementary and secondary education an "Early Childhood Foundation" for the purpose of providing technical assistance and seed grants to local school districts in support of their efforts to develop:

(1) Preschool education for families which cannot afford private nursery school programs and the nearly seventy percent (70%) of Head Start eligible children who are not presently served by Head Start.

(2) Programs for parents which focus on parenting skills and parents' involvement in their children's education, especially programs which are coordinated with adult basic education programs.

(3) Transition programs which create bridges for children and their parents between preschool, kindergarten and the primary grades.

(4) Any other early childhood education program that the commissioner of elementary and secondary education deems appropriate to fulfill the purposes of this chapter.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1993, ch. 329, § 1.)