Towns and Cities

Councils and Governing Bodies

SECTION 45-5-17

§ 45-5-17. Claim and prosecution of appeals.

The appeal shall be claimed within forty (40) days by the filing with the town or city clerk of a written claim of appeal and the payment to the clerk at that time of the lawful fees for a copy of the record of the proceeding appealed from. Within fifty (50) days from the date of the determination appealed from the appellant shall file a copy of the record of the proceeding appealed from, together with a specific statement of the appellant's reasons of appeal, in the clerk's office of the superior court for the county, to which reasons the appellant shall be restricted, unless for cause shown, and with or without terms, the superior court allows amendments of the appeal and additions to it. Notice of the appeal shall be given in the same manner, and the assignment day of the appeal shall be the same, as is provided for probate appeals, and any justice of the superior court may, with or without terms, extend the time for filing a copy of the record and for making service or further service of the notice of the appeal.

History of Section.
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