Businesses and Professions

Veterinary Practice

SECTION 5-25-7.1

§ 5-25-7.1. Record of animals receiving veterinary services.

(a) A veterinarian subject to the provisions of this chapter shall keep a written record, or a computerized record able to produce a printed copy, of all animals receiving veterinary services, and provide a summary of that record to the owner of animals receiving veterinary services, when requested. The minimum amount of information to be included in written or computerized records and summaries shall be as established by rules and regulations. The minimum duration of time for which a licensed veterinarian or his or her designee shall retain the written record or computerized record shall be determined by rules and regulations.

(b) A radiograph is the property of the veterinary practice in which the veterinarian associated with that practice originally ordered it to be prepared, and it shall be released upon the written request of another veterinarian who has the authorization of the owner of the animal to whom it pertains and the radiograph shall be returned to the original veterinary practice within a reasonable time.

(c) When a patient/owner requests, in writing, that his or her animal's or animals' records and/or radiographs be transferred to another veterinarian, the original veterinarian shall promptly honor that request. The fee charged for the transfer shall not exceed the direct expense incurred to make copies for the veterinary records and/or radiographs.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1997, ch. 343, § 2.)