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SECTION 5-70-13

§ 5-70-13. Grandfathering – Licensing of telecommunications systems contractors (TSC), telecommunications systems technicians (TST), and telecommunications systems limited installers (TSLI) without examination.

(a) At any time prior to the expiration of six (6) months following July 8, 1997, the authority shall, without examination, upon payment of the required fees, issue through the department of labor and training, division of professional regulation, a license "TSC," "TST," or "TSLI" to any applicant who shall present satisfactory evidence that he or she has the qualifications for the type and category(ies) of license applied for, and who has a minimum of three (3) years of verified, continual experience installing, altering, servicing, and testing telecommunications systems covered by the license, as applicable, in this state within the five (5) years immediately preceding July 8, 1997. Any applicant for a license TSC under this provision must further provide sworn evidence of satisfactory completion of a minimum of three (3) projects/systems for each category for which application is made.

(b) Any person qualified to obtain a license TSC, TST, or TSLI under this section who is prevented from making application by reason of service in the armed forces of the United States during the six-month (6) period following July 8, 1997, shall have three (3) months after discharge or release from active duty to make the application.

(c) On and after any date that the public utility commission no longer regulates a telephone company, a corporate affiliate of the telephone company, or a service provided by the company or corporate affiliate, the licensing authority shall issue through the department of labor and training, division of professional regulation, an appropriate license as provided in this chapter, to any person who is an employee of the telephone company or the corporate affiliate on this date who, as a result of the deregulation, becomes subject to the provisions of this chapter and who applies for any license in accordance with the provisions of this section not later than six (6) months after the date; provided, that any employee shall not be required to pass any examination in order to qualify for the license.

History of Section.
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