Criminal Offenses

Obstructing Justice

SECTION 11-32-7

§ 11-32-7. Pretrial release.

(a) Any pretrial release of any defendant, whether on bail or under any other form of recognizance, shall be deemed as a matter of law to include a condition that the defendant neither do nor cause to be done nor knowingly permit to be done on his or her behalf any act proscribed in this chapter.

(b) Every person who willfully violates this condition of pretrial release is subject to revocation of release and for the forfeiture of bail and the issuance of a bench warrant for the defendant's arrest or remanding him or her into custody whether or not the defendant was the subject of an order under § 11-32-6.

(c) From and after May 8, 1980, any receipt for any bail or bond given by any court by any surety or bondsman and/or any written promise to appear on one's own recognizance shall contain, in a conspicuous location, notice of this section.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1980, ch. 91, § 2.)