Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority

SECTION 24-12-5

§ 24-12-5. Power to construct, reconstruct, renovate, acquire, maintain, repair, operate or manage projects or additional facilities and to issue bonds.

In order to facilitate vehicular traffic, remove many of the present handicaps and hazards on the congested highways in the state, alleviate the barriers caused by large bodies of water, and promote the agricultural and industrial development of the state, the Rhode Island turnpike and bridge authority is hereby authorized and empowered: to construct the Newport Bridge, the turnpike, any portion thereof or any additional facility hereafter authorized to be constructed; to acquire the Mount Hope Bridge, to acquire the Sakonnet River Bridge, to acquire the Jamestown Verrazzano Bridge and any additional facility hereafter authorized to be acquired; to maintain, construct, reconstruct, renovate, acquire, repair, operate or manage any project or projects; and to issue bonds of the authority as provided in this chapter to finance any project or projects; provided, however, that the Mount Hope Bridge shall only be acquired as provided for by § 24-12-40A.

History of Section.
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