Title 28
Labor and Labor Relations

Chapter 56
Employee Social Media Privacy

R.I. Gen. Laws 28-56-1

 28-56-1.  Definitions.

For the purposes of this chapter:

(1) "Social media account" means an electronic service or account, or electronic content, including, but not limited to, videos, still photographs, blogs, video blogs, podcasts, instant and text messages, email, online service or accounts, or internet website profiles or locations. For the purposes of this chapter, social media account does not include an account opened at an employer's behest, or provided by an employer, or intended to be used primarily on behalf of the employer.

(2) "Applicant" means an applicant for employment.

(3) "Employee" means an individual who provides services or labor for an employer for wages or other remuneration.

(4) "Employer" includes the state, and all political subdivisions of the state, and any person in this state, employing individuals, and any person acting in the interest of an employer directly or indirectly.

History of Section.
P.L. 2014, ch. 188, 3; P.L. 2014, ch. 207, 3.